Mushi Uta Bug

Mushi Uta Bug Light Novel

The sudden appearance of a “Mushi” in front of Arisu Ichinokuro happened immediately after the death of her close friend Mari Hanashiro. In addition to following Arisu closely, the four antennae silver-colored Morpho butterfly would sometimes transform into a variant long lance to protect her. Why is that? Together with Daisuke Kusuriya, a teenage boy who was sent by a top-secret agency “The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau” to monitor over her as a “Mushitsuki”, Arisu began her search for the answer.

Engraved eternally by the shining sliver-lance,

This is the highest and the worst girl meets girl!

Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi.

Translation Group
C.E. Light Novel Translation

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
(EPUB/PDF any Selected or full)

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