The Devil Is A Part Timer Vol-16

The Devil Is A Part Timer Vol-16 Light Novel


★The Demon King received chocolate from a girl? Valentine’s Day commotion opens up with a bang!

★Searching for the ‘Ancient Demon King’s Legacy’, Suzuno and the others began the expedition in Ente Isla!

To search for the ‘Ancient Demon King’s Legacy’, the Demon King and the others moved all their belongings from the 6 tatami Demon Fortress to Ente Isla. Even by using the ‘Gate’, it takes 40 minutes for a one-way trip. Therefore, the Demon King, unable to travel between the two foreign worlds, could only stay in the empty Demon Fortress by himself. This lifestyle made him feel lonely, but he still has to take part in the training to become a full-time employee. After that, the Demon King unexpectedly received Valentine’s Chocolate from an easy going girl who was also taking part in the training. After this news was spread around by Acies, the female cast members felt very shaken! On the other hand, in Ente Isla, to obtain one of the Ancient Demon King’s legacies ‘Adramelech’s Spear’, Suzuno and the others headed to the Northern Continent, and there, they discovered something related to Archangel Lailah……?


Associated Names
Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel Vol-16


Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural.


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