The Master of Ragnarok Blesser of Einherjar Vol-5

The Master of Ragnarok Blesser of Einherjar Vol-5


“Father, may I beg you for a favor?”

It has been one month since the Panther Clan’s invasion. Having repelled their army and returned to the Wolf Clan capital victorious, Yuuto enjoys a few moments of respite in the early days of winter, thanks to the warm kotatsu he’s had specially prepared.

But even times like these are far from uneventful. The twins Al and Kris attend a school and quickly stir up trouble; Sigrún departs on a mission to put down bandits in the countryside and encounters a new and powerful foe; and in the modern era, Mitsuki gains an unexpected clue to the mysteries of Yggdrasil…

It’s the fifth volume of the story of fantasy and military conquest that’s garnering more and more attention!


Associated Names –
Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Ikusa Otome Vol-5
Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Vol-5


Genre –
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen.


Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club Ver


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