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  • is this completed its only 137 pages

  • U may read this also imu. wasnt able to go further in this topic. anyway;

    for volume 10 chapter 1-8 were published ages ago by a translator and last chapter, 9, was translated by another (check haganai topic at reddit, u can find them easily). the truth is because of dmca events, which stroke hard even baka tsuki so bad, first translator had to stop his translates after he translated v10c8 so he never were able to translate chapter 9 but later he kept on from vol 11 leaving v10c9. when i asked him before about chapter 9 he replied to me maybe yet because of real life situations he halted somewhere in volume 11 again. So blackhand scans continued his work and now they tl’ed v11c14 lastly and completed v10c9. In fact noone wants to translate v11 cause it is the epilogue volume which is really sad yet for their work we should appreciate BH guys. If u want more detail check forementioned reddit users. Actually i had raw v11 scans which was easy to find if any translator wants to seek them.

    the problem was quality for first work (chapter 1-8) was really bad but wasnt missing anything. so as i have checked vol 10 from here, i can say that imu made it more better and added chapter 9 into it so we can say it he completed both guys’ work. Now it is 2 mb instead of 0,6 mb and over 200 pages

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