Crest of the Stars Vol 2

Crest of the Stars Vol 2

The war between the spacefaring civilization of the Abh Empire and the united forces of surface-dwelling “Landers” has commenced in earnest — and it promises to decide the destinies of all of humankind across the cosmos.

Flung into the fray of a war they never wanted, Jinto and Princess Lafier must find a way to aid the Empire’s war efforts, but they are hindered by a less than savory fellow Abh and by United Humankind forces alike, all while stranded and bereft of supplies. What allies can they find on an unfamiliar world blanketed by anti-Abh propaganda? How can they even evade capture while the planet’s police are hot on the lookout for them? The pair’s mettle — and their bond with each other — shall be tested and then some in the exhilarating second chapter of their personal saga! Be there to watch an epic space opera romp unfold!

Associated Names –
Seikai no Monshou

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen.

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club Ver

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