Her Majesty’s Swarm

Our protagonist is a college student who enjoys playing as the evil-aligned faction Arachnea in her favorite real-time strategy game. One day, she finds herself in a world similar to the one in the game; additionally, her body is now that of a fourteen-year-old girl. While things are a bit different from how they were in the game, one element has remained the same: she is the leader of the Arachnea. The insects under her control, collectively known as the Swarm, praise her and implore her to lead them to victory.

In order to survive, she raises her Swarm and forms friendly relations with the elves of the neighboring forest. But after a slaver traveling through the forest murders one of her Swarm and the nearby kingdom’s knights burn down the elven village and massacre its people, she prepares to launch her counterattacks in the name of revenge.

However, revenge is merely a pretense for attacking the countries of this world. Her command is masterful and severe, as one who has played the game in real life…

Associated Names –
Joou Heika no Isekai Senryaku
Isekai Zerg Queen
Joou Heika no Isekai Strategy

Genre –
Action, Horror

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 7

  • Overlord x Kumo desu ga Nani ka?

  • Wow this is bad, too much rush to get to the war part they skipped all the buildup, she cries over 1 kid dying then she goes off to murder a whole country of them, even had a bit with a little girl crying for her mommy as she was about to die, its just a disgusting novel

  • @feli, i agree mate. this is a kind of novel which emo back then will love.

  • Does this have a Web novel version??

  • The novel has a lot of potential considering it was inspired from real time strategy game like StarCraft however the development was so fast that it ruins the whole plot build up

  • one of bad isekai
    I mean… isekai into demon is okay but at least retain some morality.

    this MC is turn completely evil with no trace of morality left.

  • Awesome novel, thanks for it

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