The Hero and His Elf Bride Open a Pizza Parlor in Another World

Save the World…With Pizza?!

After being struck and killed by a delivery bike, Kaito is given the opportunity to be reborn in an alternate world as one of three “hero” classes:

  1. A swordsman
  2. A magician
  3. A hero who saves the world with pizza

When the first two options are quickly taken, Kaito is forced to live his second life as a hero endowed with the power of pizza in a land of herbivorous elves…one of whom happens to be his new wife! What kinds of pizza-related adventures lie ahead for our High-Calorie Hero and his food-obsessed elf bride?

Associated Names –
Yuusha desu ga Isekai de Elf Yome to Pizza-ten Hajimemasu

Genre –
Comedy, Isekai, Fantasy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press Ver

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Comments 4

  • has a sweet title arent we? hope it ended with the bride get gangrape by orcs

  • You sir deserved to be strapped to a stake and to be burned alive

  • thank you for your kind words

  • Really common for female elves to look like young girls whilst male elves look adults in Japanese fiction, eh? Tsk tsk tsk, Japan.

    Ah yes, the rise of isekai cooking is happening. Finally, less power fantasies and more cooking.

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