In the Land of Leadale

New Beginnings in Familiar Lands

After a horrific accident put her on life support, the last vestige of freedom Keina Kagami had was in the VRMMORPG World of Leadale. When she wakes up in the body of her game avatar, though, Keina-now Cayna-finds that the worries of her old life appear to be a thing of the past, but somehow this new land doesn’t seem to be quite the Leadale she remembers…

Associated Names
In the Land of Rear Dale
Leadale no Daichi nite
World of Leadale

Adventure, Fantasy

Translation Group
Official Yen Press

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Comments 2

  • this started out good but 3/4 through it i just got bored asf

  • It was a fun read!
    I like the set up and the main character’s personality, there where some aspects where I woul’ve liked there to be a bit more focus towards like the quest for the other “Towers” but apart from a bit near the midle end the pacing was good and I like the way they’re starting with the worldbuilding.
    I read it with calm music in the backround so it felt like a calming morning read most of the time. I liked the comedy. I hope we can see more fighthing as well as her doing some more progress on her area in the future.
    Thanks for the upload! 😀

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